Individual Assistance Program

The Individual Assistance program was created to directly inject financial assistance to individuals and families experiencing loss of income due to the Coronavirus. This assistance was provided as direct payments to vendors for mortgage, rent, or water/power utilities. Round 1 provided a maximum assistance amount of $2,000 per family. Round 2 expanded the assistance amount to $3,000 and allowed recipients of Round 1 to apply for the second round of assistance.

Business Assistance Program

The Business Assistance programs were designed to keep local businesses afloat due to unforeseen hardships caused by the coronavirus. Round 1 was a direct, $5,000 grant to local small businesses that were affected by the Governor's safer-at-home executive order. Round 2 was called the "rehire grant," which provided up to $5,000 for every full-time employee who was rehired after the program's launch.

PPE Distribution Program

The PPE Distribution Program was designed to leverage the buying power of Lee County Government to infuse PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) into the community.

Childcare Assistance Program

The Childcare Assistance Program supplies funding for scholarships administered by the United Way to families who require childcare to return to work. Funding is also provided to clean and disinfect partnering childcare facilities to allow for safe operation.

Food Security Program

The Food Security Program was designed to infuse funding for local food security agencies to continue offering services to the community through the Coronavirus pandemic. The program included direct allocations to Harry Chapin Food Bank, Midwest Food Bank, and Community Cooperatives. The program also provided grants directly to local eligible food pantries.

Human Services Grant Program

The Human Services Grant Program provides non-profit 501(C)(3) and 501(c)(19) agencies with up to $50,000 of one-time grant assistance for expenses incurred in the agencies' response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These expenses may include program enhancements to address increased service needs, legal services, temporary shelter, and computer/technology equipment. Expenses may also include PPE, personnel costs, facility retrofitting costs, and other administrative costs directly related to COVID-19. Apply Online

Municipal Assistance Program

The Municipal Assistance Program will provide local municipalities financial assistance for cities' necessary expenditures due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. The County will divide the allotted funds among the municipalities according to population. The Municipalities are the City of Cape Coral, City of Bonita Springs, Village of Estero, City of Fort Myers, Town of Fort Myers Beach, and City of Sanibel.